Window Replacement Cost

Window replacement costs on average between $200 to $1,800 for an average range, while most homeowners end up spending around $650 for each window. The cost to replace all windows in a standard 3-bedroom house comes from $4,500 to $10,000, depending on the sizes, frame materials, type, and the number of windows. Larger houses where custom work might be required, the window replacement cost can reach $20,000. Labor cost for professional installation ranges from $150 to $300 per window or $40 per hour on average.

window replacement costs

Window Replacement Costs

Average Cost$650
High Cost$1,800
Low Cost$200

Replacement Window Prices

Window prices on average range between $100 to $650. To the cost of windows, you will also need to add another $100 to $300 for the labor work required. When it comes to selecting a window for your home, the prices range from $50 to $2,000, depending on the size, type, material, and how energy efficient it is. 

Replacement Window Prices By Material

replacement window prices

The average cost for replacing a standard size double-hung,double-pane energy efficiency vinyl window varies from $400 and $650 for each window installation. Wood replacement windows are more expensive and the prices range from  $700 and $1,000 including installation.

Below you can see the average replacement window prices by frame material:

Type Materials

Vinyl Window Replacement Cost

VInyl window replacement costs range from $100 to $850 on average with most homeowners spending between $400 and $600 for a double-pane energy-efficient vinyl window. Vinyl windows are the most affordable option for homeowners and therefore are very popular. They also require very little maintenance. The only disadvantage is that their color fades over time. 

Replacement Wooden Windows Cost

Wood replacement windows cost from $200 to $1000, with the majority of homeowners spending on average $700 per window installation. Wooden windows are very pleasing aesthetically as the natural look of wood is more attractive than vinyl windows. The biggest disadvantage of wooden windows is that they require maintenance as otherwise their frame might contract or swell. 

Composite Replacement Windows Cost

Composite windows comprise wood windows such as particleboard and laminated lumber and many contain plastics, polymers, and resins. They are cheaper than wood frames and more expensive than vinyl. Expect to pay between $300-$1,200. Thanks to the latest technology they are stronger, more durable, and cost less than other window options. 

Aluminum Windows Cost

Replacement aluminum windows cost ranges from $80 to $1,400 for each window depending on the size, and the number of panes required. Aluminum windows have many benefits when compared to other materials. Aluminum is lightweight, durable, strong, and also requires very little maintenance. Aluminum windows also cost less than wood windows. The biggest knock on aluminum windows is that they conduct more heat and cold than wood and that they are also prone to condensation.

Fiberglass windows Cost

Fiberglass windows cost from $500 to $1,400 each and can handle both high and low temperatures very well. Fiberglass windows are also energy-efficient and they have the benefit of being available in many different colors and styles, including painted wood. They are also energy efficient and can be repainted to look like new. 

Window Replacement By Type

For a typical single-hung window you should expect to pay from about $200. Large double- or triple-pane windows cost over $8,000 to install. Below you can see the average window cost of materials and installation: 

Window TypeWindow-Only CostWindow + Installation Cost
Basement Hopper$60 – $370$180 – $500
Single Hung$100 – $400$200 – $500
Double Hung$100 – $500$200 – $700
Fixed & Picture$80 – $500$180 – $1,000
Sliding$150 – $600$450 – $1,300
Basement$50 – $500$200 – $1,000
Storm$150 – $750$250 – $1,100
Glass Block$80 – $800$200 – $1,200
Casement$200 – $1,400$350 – $1,900
Tilt Out$350 – $1,500$500 – $2,100
Double Pane$60 – $2,800$120 – $3,800
Custom$1000 – $3,000$1200 – $5,000
Egress$500 – $2,500$2,000 – $5,000
Folding$1,500 – $4,800$2,500 – $5,600
Bay & Bow$1000 – $4,000$1,500 – $10,000

Single-Hung Replacement Windows

Single-hung replacement windows cost on average between $100 to $500 and they are a very popular choice due to their low cost. In a single-hung window, only the bottom part moves horizontally, while the top part remains fixed in place. The classic, old-fashioned, vertically-opening style is what usually homeowners choose.

Double-Hung Window Prices

Double-hung windows cost on average between $150-$600. Double-hung windows have two operating sashes, which allow both top and bottom parts to move up or down. You can also have the top and bottom halves swing inward if you are willing to spend more. 

Picture Window Replacement Cost

Fixed or picture windows usually cost between $80 to $500, on average. If you go for the fixed version, the window has only one pane of glass and therefore it does not open at all. 

One factor that increases the cost of fixed windows is usually custom sizing. If you also need to allow for ventilation consider buying picture windows with opening side panels.

Casement or Awning Window Replacement

Casement windows are best for spaces with higher height than width. Awning windows are very similar to casement windows with the big difference that they open outward as they are hinged on the top. A casement window replacement will cost in the range of $200 to $1,400 depending on the size and material. 

  • They are an excellent option for ceilings and basements.
  • They open inward or outward or via a crank that folds as a lock. 
  • For added security, you can choose models with more locks. 
  • They are wind blowing resistant due to the crank mechanism. 
  • They allow maximum ventilation because they can swing completely away from the mechanism.   
  • They are great space savers as they open outward. 

Replacement Sliding Windows Cost

Sliding windows cost on average between $150 to $600 (materials only). The same windows cost around $450 – $1,300 when the installation fees are included. Six windows will cost on average around $3300 to $7800(material + installation). The sliding windows operate in a very similar way with the single- or double-hung windows but move horizontally instead of vertically. The final cost is always a result of the size and type of frame that you will choose. There is also a wide variety of types and styles to choose from to accommodate every need. 

Folding Windows Cost

Folding or bi-fold windows are not as common as traditional windows. The average cost of a bi-fold window ranges from $1,500 to $4,800 (material only). However, the overall cost will rise to $2,500 to $5,600, as there is a lot of labor required to install the windows. Folding windows are great for those looking to have an unobstructed view, as they allow for the widest opening. 

Storm Windows Replacement Cost

The average national range to install storm windows comes to $2,048 and $10,807. Each window alone costs between $150 – $750 and takes approximately two hours for a pro to install it, adding another $60 to $130 to the overall cost. You will also have to account for the cost of additional supplies, adding up to about $15 to $25 per window.

Bay and Bow Windows Cost

The costs to replace a bay window comes around from $1,150 to $4,000. Labor & installation usually range from $300 to $500. The overall price depends mostly on the size and the type of bay window that you will choose. 

Custom Replacements

When custom work is required the cost always increases. Expect to pay from $1,000 for each window installation. Custom sizes are usually required for older houses because windows did not come in standard sizes when these properties were built.

Average Cost to Replace Windows

Replacing an old window with a new one costs on average between  $200 to $700 for each window, provided that the old frame is in good condition and can support the new window. The cost to replace windows and frames in a three-bedroom,single-story house usually costs between $3,000 to $7,000 (ten openings). 

Double-Pane Window Replacement Cost

The average cost to replace a double-hung, double-pane windows cost between $450 and $1,000. Replacing a double-pane vinyl window will cost you from $450 to $600 to install. Double-pane wood windows are more expensive and therefore replacing them costs between $800 and $1,000.

Single-Pane Window Replacement Cost

The average cost to replace a single-pane window ranges from $280 to $460. These windows offer very basic insulation and can be found mostly in old houses. Standard single-pane glass costs as little as $2,50 per square foot.

Window Cost if Frames Are Rotting

It costs a lot less to replace only the glass in a window. If the frame is rotting or wrapping and you need to replace both the glass and the frame, the overall cost will increase significantly. The prices double when you need to replace the frame too. 

Window Replacement Cost Per Window

Hiring a contractor costs around $40 per hour. To install a single-window expect to pay around $100 per unit, as it usually takes around 2-3 hours for all the work to complete. However, in several cases expect to pay $300 per window installation, depending on the size of the company you hire, your location, the overall time needed, and whether or not scaffolding is required. 

*For high-end and custom work, add 25% to 50%.

Window Replacement Cost by Room

The cost of window installation is also dependent on the location, as the more difficult the process the more time it will take.

Cost of Replacing Windows by Size

When the size of the new windows can fit into the same opening and there is no need for new frames, then the cost is the lowest possible. When the old frame needs to be removed to place the new window then the cost increases as more labor is required. WIth some many materials and styles available, the only way to get the most accurate estimate about the cost is to contact a window installer. 

The most common window sizes are:

Wood – 18 to 60” wide and 18” to 48: tall

Vinyl – 18” to 48” wide and 18” to 36” tall

Single-Pane Window Replacement C

There is a huge variety of sizes and styles directly from the manufacturers, your professional, and through big home improvement stores. The bigger the size of the window the higher the cost as it will require more time and crew members. 

Labor Cost To Install Replacement Windows 

Labor costs depend on your location, the window type, and the size of the company that you will hire. On average expect to pay $38 per hour with most regular sized window types, as usually takes around an hour to complete.

Always estimate from $100-$300 per window unit with complex jobs reaching $600. The labor cost to install a standard-size vinyl replacement window comes between $160 and $270. Expect to pay from $35 to $80 to remove a single pane window glass and $100 – $180 for a double-pane window set in putty or vinyl stops. To install weather stripping add another $170. 

Cost to Replace Windows in an Old House

Replacing the windows of an old property poses many challenges(custom pieces, insulation, removing counterweights, etc.) and therefore the cost might double or triple. The average cost to replace windows in an old house comes to about $800 to $3,000. If the frame is in good condition you might be able simply to swap the old glass for $350 per window.

Window Change Cost by Location

While there is no significant difference in the price of window installation, there are certain areas to note. 

  • Basement window replacements prices range from $350 to $1,000 depending on how much they need to be modified.
  • Basement egress windows can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000.
  • Bathroom or Bedroom windows estimate between $300 and $700 for each.
  • Sunroom: The price depends mostly on the size.
  • Foyer or dining room: The cost of installation averages between $300 and $700. For large picture, bay or bow 
  • For large picture, bay, and bow window types the cost can double or triple.
  • Replacing on upper floor windows will increase the cost by about $50, as it takes more time to access them. Usually, there is also the need to erect scaffolding. 

Basement Window Replacement Cost

The cost to replace basement windows depends mostly on the material and the size of the job. If you are simply replacing the old window with a new one the cost will start at $300. However, if you are installing a window well and an egress window, expect at least to pay around $1,000, provided that there are not any structural damage and frame alterations. Better quality windows and windows with special features will increase the cost further. 

Bathroom Window Replacement Cost

The cost to replace a bathroom window starts from $300 and can reach $1000 or more. 

The cost increases if there is structural damage and the frame needs to be replaced. 

High-quality windows with special features can cost a lot more. 

Best Window Brands

How do you buy a quality window? Which brand is the best window brand? If you do research for window manufacturers you will find so many brands that you will be overwhelmed and confused. So where do you begin and how can you know which brands to trust? Below we present the window manufacturers based on our experience and customer feedback. 

Andersen Windows & Doors has been manufacturing doors, windows, skylights, and more for over a century. This Minnesota-based company has risen to the top and is one of the most trusted brands.

Jeld-Wen has its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their range of doors and treated wood windows are a very good option. The vinyl windows are not the best in the business but they are very solid and offer good value for potential buyers. Prices range from $50 to $1,200.

New South Windows- Based in Florida this manufacturer makes windows that meet the hurricane code requirements.

Pella – $100-$1,800. They are all around the country and come with a 20 years warranty. 

Harvey – $125-$500. Products can be found throughout most of the USA.

Wallside – $300-$500. The company produces high-quality vinyl replacement windows with the option to have them installed. Products come with a 35-year warranty.

Feldco – $300-$700. Available in Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois. You can either buy the windows or also have them installed. Windows come with a 20-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Window Glass Replacement?

Homeowners can expect to spend on average from $200 and $250 to replace a broken glass window. An installer fee usually comes to $45 to $65 per hour with the replacement glass costing from $50 to $100. Additional costs would have to be incurred if argon gas is to be injected between the glass panels and if new seals need to be placed.

Are Replacement Windows Worth the Cost?

Replacement windows are the most cost-effective option if you expect to reside within the same house for two decades or if you want to reduce your energy bills. Another aspect is when your home is equipped with state-of-the-art energy-efficient windows it would be easier to sell your home for any potential buyers. In the majority of the cases, homeowners are typically able to reimburse 70% of the initial project cost of the replacement windows upon selling the house.

How Often Should You Replace Windows?

Manufacturers recommend replacing windows every twenty years, this is mostly applicable for older windows. At present, manufacturers provide warranty for 5 to 20 years and in certain instances warranty is extended till your ownership of the house ends. Below are several other aspects to consider:
-Subpar window insulation would result in greater energy bills.
-Inadequate sound insulation
-Faulty opening mechanisms
– Warping or rotting window frames
– Outdated window designs would make your house difficult to sell, a house with modern widows would bring you approximately 70% of the initial cost
– Foggy double-pane windows

What Is the Cost of Replacing Windows and Frames?

Be prepared to incur an extra 50-100% in expenses if the frames are to be replaced along with the windows. In old houses with worn down windows, this would have to be done for all windows. But in the case of newer houses, the damage is usually confined to a particular area hence the expense would not be applicable to all windows.

How Much Is It to Swap Out Windows and Doors Together?

The greater your expense with the contractor, the greater the chance of you receiving a discount. The major pitfall of selecting a low-cost package is that you are limited by the product types offered by vendors. You might have to settle for a window which you adore and a door you may hate.

How Much Does Window Disposal Cost?

In the estimate provided by the contractor, there may be an expense marked as old window disposal costing you approximately $50-$80 per cubic yard. This price would be compounded by the addition of $30-$40 per hour for loading the old windows to the trailer to be driven to the disposal site.

DIY Vs. Hiring a Pro

Why Hire a Professional?

Replacing a window is not an easy job. To be fooled and try to remove the old one yourself and install a new one if you have not at least done it at least once successfully in the past. Many homeowners believe that they can easily do it by following the instructions on a Youtube video. 

You can easily invest in vain many days of hard work and end up calling a professional installer to redo the job. Why waste all this precious time when you can hire a contractor to do the work for you fast and flawlessly. The advantages of hiring a pro include: 

Top-quality work –  Window installers have perfected their craft for years so each window will be installed without any gaps to keep your home cool in the summer and hot in the winter.

Equipment and tools Professional window installers have the right tools, which make their job easier. 

Better prices – All professionals installers have access to cheaper and better quality materials.

Faster –  Professional window installers know the right steps to fixing and replacing a window, so they need  8 to 10 times less time to complete the job.

Cleanup – After completing the window installation job, all contractors clean any mess and dispose of all waste. 

Issues – Professional window installers know how to take the right measurements and also how to deal with situations like rotting wood and mold. They also know how to comply with any city ordinances, HOA rules,  or building codes specific to your area.

Getting Professional Window Replacement Quotes

Before you choose a professional window installer to do the job for you make sure you do proper research and ask for quotes. Request at least 3 to 5 cost estimates through various home improvement networks to save time. Also, do not forget to have any friends or colleagues if they have hired anyone in the past that they would recommend. Quotes from top professionals should include several common elements such as: 

  • Any design and set up costs.
  • Costs and expenses that might occur during the installation like dealing with mold, rotten, or any damaged structural elements.
  • Costs related to insulation or weatherproofing.
  • Costs associated with the removal and disposal of any construction debris.

When you request quotes from contractors do not forget to ask for a paper or electronic copy of of the guarantee the windows and the installation come with