Valor Gutter Guards Cost & Warranty

Valor Gutter Guards are the most suitable drainage solution for any gutter system. They work very well with any degree of roof slope and style. These guards have been designed for optimum performance in a wide array of scenarios.

valor gutter guards

Valor gutter guards were recently given the award for America’s best gutter guard by the NCR consumer reports and advocacy group. They passed all industry level testing to confirm their superior build and design these guards are your best solution to debris and runoff from your roofs that end up clogging gutters and drains. They have set the bar in the field of water damage prevention from roof runoffs. 

Valor Gutter Guards

Valor gutter guards are made from a durable coated steel frame combined with a novel, patent-pending stainless steel mesh. The mesh is patterned to give you the most efficient drainage in the face of a heavy downpour. It works by drawing water through its mesh set up while blocking leaves and other debris simultaneously.

Melt Away Gutter Guards

Melt Away Gutter guards also from Valor are built with excellent heating technology that allows it to melt through the ice. By melting ice formations before they start to cause drainage damage, this product will single-handedly prolong the life of your roofs as well as the gutter system itself.

Moss Away Gutter Guards

Moss Away Gutter Guards control the growth of moss, fungi, and algae thus protecting your roof from these unwanted growths. They achieve this using a novel EPA approved zinc strip technology. By stopping these unwanted growths, this guard is halting roof deterioration and preventing harmful mold from entering into your homes.

Stainless Steel or Copper Gutter Guards

Stainless steel and copper are very durable materials that work very well with designs of all types. These gutter guards can work seamlessly with any gutter system and they can also be custom fitted to fit different gutter dimensions.

Copper Frame

Valor is available by request in a special copper frame. You can also request for any specific wing and mesh size.

How Much Do Valor Gutter Guards Cost?

Installing gutter guards costs on average between $7.50 and $10 per linear foot. The average national cost for professional installation of valor gutter guards comes around to $1,500 and $2,000(the average home has about 200 feet). For more expensive gutter guard installation expect to pay even more. 

Pros & Cons 

Pros Of Valor Gutter Guards 

One of the main reasons that homeowners choose to install Valor gutter guards is that they can handle both heavy rainfall and snow by moving it along so that it does not clog or fill the gutters. This is what makes them a great option for homeowners living in areas with heavy snow and rainfall. 

Less Gutter Cleaning. Valor products help keep gutters clean by preventing the accumulation of debris and build-up so that they do not require cleaning very often. 

Prolong The Life Of The Gutters. All gutter guards help gutters work more effectively, prolonging their life. This goes particularly for Valor gutter guards that offer great value. 

Easy to find. Valor gutter guards can be bought from local home improvement stores and also online, which makes it easy for many homeowners and roofing contractors to purchase them. 

Come in many colors. Valor gutter guards are available in many different colors like brown, charcoal, and even galvanized. 

Fit many sizes. Valor gutter guards typically fit 4.0 – 7.0 inches gutter inside widths but they can also be found in other sizes. 

Do not bend or break. Valor offers quality gutter guards that do not break or bend no matter how heavy the rainfall or snow is. 

Cons Of Valor Gutter Guards

As with any gutter system, valor gutter guards have several disadvantages.

  • Can get expensive
  • Require professional installation
  • Work better for areas with heavy rainfall
  • May not fit any single roof
  • Difficulty choosing the right size 

With so many great features, it makes sense why Valor gutter guards have become the favorite brand for so many homeowners. They are easy to find, simple to use while they help keep the foundation of your home dry and clean. They do have several disadvantages but they are certainly worth buying when it comes to gutter guards.


What do gutters guards do?

Gutters guards work by stopping debris from entering your rain gutters. However, despite the fact that they keep most debris from entering your gutter guards, they still need cleaning as dirt still manages to accumulate. They also cause larger backups of water in the gutters and on the roof than if they were not installed.

Are Gutter Guards worth the investment?

Many find the installation of gutter guards infective and expensive as you will still need to clean your gutters. Before installing always consider the following:

– How often do you clean your gutters a year?
– How much time does it take?
– Do you do it yourself or do you pay a professional? 
– How much does it take away from your family/social life?

Do gutter guards work in heavy rain?

According to Consumer Reports, screens style gutter guards perform better in heavy rainfall. 
Mesh and reverse curve gutter guards cause the water to flow over the gutter completely, so they are not considered ideal.

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