How to Freshen your Kitchen with Green Plants

Freshening your kitchen this spring may not be as complicated as you think. While we all would like to install new appliances and finishes, for many this isn’t realistic right now. So why not add greenery to your kitchen? You would be surprised how living plants can add color to your kitchen and can be used for your cooking too! Herb gardens in the kitchen are becoming more popular, as are topiaries and small plants alongside the kitchen sink and window. If you are trying to freshen your kitchen, look no further, these greenery tips will surely help.

Add color and texture to your kitchen:

In most of our kitchens the vast amount of hard surfaces is cold and uninviting. Floors, cabinetry, countertops and appliances can create a kitchen that is cold and lifeless. Greenery can bring texture into your kitchen and color. Whether you like fresh flowers, potted plants, or fresh herbs – line them up near a kitchen window for maximum light exposure. Many kitchen manufacturers make trough sinks and accessories to house a flower bud vase or a fresh bunch of herbs in your kitchen island. You will be surprised at the new kitchen trend to incorporate greenery easily and beautifully.

Many sink manufacturers offer trough areas for fresh herbs, drinks and more

Perk up your kitchen with fresh smelling herbs:

Who doesn’t love the fresh smell of rosemary, basil and lavender in their homes? Bring the fresh scent to your kitchen and add greenery at the same time. There are many DIY projects that you can make to display and grow herbs in your kitchen. From recycled pallet wood boxes to individual potted herb topiaries you can plant around your kitchen, the options are endless. Determine which herbs you love to use in your cooking and start freshening your kitchen with aromas and visual delight.

Herb plants can be grown anywhere in your kitchen

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Your spring kitchen could use a boost of color and green plants are the perfect way to do it! Whether you choose fresh blooms, adding your favorite houseplant along your sink side or growing your own herbs, freshen your kitchen with nature.