How to Create the Perfect Kids’ Bedroom

Nowadays everyone has a room for everything and a kid’s area is no exception to the rule.  Kids have quite a bit going on in their lives.  Projects, homework, extra-curricular or even an abundance amount of toys along with educational tools it is becoming a necessity for there to be a designated room or area just for them.  Now, if you prefer to not to use your home office or den area then the basement, attic, garage or secluded spot within the home will work too!  Take a look below at the tips below to create the PERFECT CHILDREN’S ROOM.

Kids playroom ideas for school aged children

Consider the ages:

You first have to think about the ages of your children and design accordingly.  Basically, the needs of your smaller children will differ from those of your older ones.  You want to create a space that can accommodate the different ages and operation levels of the children and when they grow as well.  Think about how to design the space to be versatile for the continuous needs of your children.

Designing the walls and flooring:

The walls and floors of the space can help to divide and add inspiration to the room.  Neutral off-white or white walls might not be the best choice to increase productivity.  So add some color, pattern or even inspirational phrases to the walls.  For kicks, let the kids paint the walls with their hands, favorite phrases, their favorite colors etc.  As for the flooring, try to stay away from hardwoods they are hard to play on and the carpet which would get destroyed from spills.  So you might want to add rubber tiles or carpet tiles, they are easy to install and replace.

Kid’s furniture and storage units: 

Next, you want to begin selecting furniture for the kid’s area.  Choose furniture pieces that are adequate for the activities and workload of the children.  So craft tables and small low cubby spaces will be great for the smaller children.  While the older kids will probably need larger, individual desks and higher storage shelves and cabinets for school work.

Kids playroom ideas – consider flooring and decor

Accessories for charm:

Add a little extra to the kid’s space by putting in accessories.  Little, bright and colorful accents pieces should do the trick  such as lamps, photos or photo frames, their own artwork, iPod system to listen to music, rugs, etc.  This will help to bring in creative originality to the space while not being overwhelming. Believe it or not kids can have just about as much work to do as an adult to a certain extent. So creating a space that is their own where they are able to get their work done can do wonders.  Not only will it give them a space that is their own but it will teach them discipline, responsibility and boundaries within the home.  So follow some of the tips above and see how the results turn out for you.

Image via: Kropat Interior Design

Image via: Kuda Photography