Cost of Hanover Pavers

Keep your remodeling budget on track with our handly Hanover paver calculator and find out what the exact installation cost for Hanover Pavers is in your zip code. If you are interested in a 2020 breakdown cost of Hanover paver materials, then look no further. 

The calculator we created will help any homeowner or home improvement contractor to get a good understanding of the cost of installation Hanover pavers for different levels (Basic, Better, Best). The Hanover Pavers estimator will provide you the latest prices for your area. All you have to do is to enter your zip code and then the square footage and click on the “update” button and you will be presented with the expected installation cost (how much it should cost to have Hanovers Pavers installed at your home).

What Is The Average Cost To Install Hanover Pavers?

According to our research, the average cost to install Hanover Pavers in 2020 ranges between $7,000 and $9,000.

Hanover pavers cost per sq ft.

The installation of Hanover pavers cost on average from $15 to $30 per square foot. In the price are included the materials, labor cost to install flagstone pavers, and cleanup fees.

Estimated CostBasic QualityBetter QualityBest Quality
Hanover Pavers Material Prices$630-$666$688 – $711$742 – $787
Hanover Pavers Installation Cost$292 – $301$315- $328$342.00 – $360.00
Total Cost$922.50 – $967.50$1003.50 – $1039.50$1084.50 – $1147.50
Hanover Pavers – Average Cost per square foot$9.45$10.21$11.16
Example cost for 10×10 square feet for 99501 zip code

Hanover manufactures a wide range of high-quality pavers for various uses. The brand constantly strives to create innovative products of the highest standards, earning Hanover a reputation for leadership in the industry. As a producer, Hanover guarantees the design integrity by providing product consistency, great performance, and top of the line service. 

Hanover pavers are suitable for corporate & mixed-use, education & government, healthcare & wellness hotels & hospitality, recreation & public spaces, residential & housing, and porcelain pavers for outdoors. Hanover pavers have earned an excellent reputation in the market for their quality, unique shapes, color blends, and surface textures. 

Pricing and Installation Cost Checklist

  • Hanover paver prices might be priced slightly differently between various companies. Paver prices might increase or decrease based on the operating expenses, 
  • overhead, and location in the country. 
  • To save on costs try to order the pavers in the late Fall or early winter, as contractors tend to offer discounts to attract new customers. 
  • Budget an additional 7-15%  on the total cost that you will get from our calculator for Hanover Paver costs. 
  • If you want to save more on Hanover Paver prices (around 20%), try to visit as many supply houses as possible and to negotiate better prices. 
  • Avoid installing the pavers yourself as it is not an easy task. 
  • Consider hiring a landscaping or a mason company to do the work for you as it might even cost you less. 
  • Ask friends, colleagues, and neighbors if they can recommend someone.

Save More By choosing reclaimed Pavers?

Thousands of tonnes of construction materials are discarded as waste every year in the USA. So if you’re planning to install some new paving or perhaps lay a new patio or driveway, don’t just buy brand new, consider using second hand paving slabs – here’s why.

Why Use Reclaimed Pavers?

Choosing reclaimed pavers is a great idea for many reasons. Second-hand paving slabs are:

  • Attractive – people often prefer the slightly worn look of reclaimed paving to brand new slabs; reclaimed stone paving can add character and look more natural once weathered, the coloring may also have changed over time.
  • Eco-friendly – the process of mining, cutting, and transporting paving slabs has a big carbon footprint so reusing old paving slabs, especially if you can find them in your local area, cuts down the environmental cost of your paving project.
  • Could save you money – buying reclaimed paving often costs less than brand new paving, particularly if you buy in bulk.

However, when buying used paving slabs you should watch out for the following:

  • Check the thickness, sometimes very thin roof tiles are sold as paving slabs and these are likely to be less durable and long-lasting.
  • Buy by the meter squared, not by weight.
  • Always take a look at the slabs in person to assess their quality. The nature of second-hand paving means it won’t be flawless, but watch out for excessive flakiness, stains, and chips.
  • Don’t buy from a dodgy dealer whose goods may be of suspect origin and questionable quality, get your reclaimed paving from one of the sources listed below

Where Can You Get Reclaimed Paving Slabs from?

You can find reclaimed paving from a variety of sources, such as:

Demolition sites – ask at demolition sites whether any materials are going spare. Your local council may be able to give you the heads up on sites to check out, the council might even be replacing their pavements or streets and be able to offer you some reclaimed block paving.

Salvage yards – scrap and salvage yards almost always have a good supply of reclaimed paving, some scrap yards even specialize in this field.

Refurbishment projects – keep an eye out for refurbishment projects happening in your local area, people may be looking to offload paving quickly and cheaply.

Online – there’s a growing trend for buying and selling used goods online and paving is no exception. There are many sites that are likely to have stocks of reclaimed pavers you can buy, the only problem is you may have to travel to fetch the pavers.