Budget Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Summer Home

Adding curb appeal to a home leaves a great impression on guests and potential homebuyers. It is a good idea if you are going to sell your home or when you move into a new one. However, seasonal sprucing up is also necessary to maintain the overall look and feel of your home. Here are a few inexpensive ideas to add instant curb appeal to your home and create a summer home anyone will feel welcome coming to.

curb appeal front entry

Curb appeal front entry

Image via: Paul Moon Design

Focus on the Front Entry

The front entry is the focal point of a home’s curb appeal. Brighten your place by painting the front door, trim, and shutters. A bold color will be a good choice to make your space sticking out. Additionally, clean off any dirty spots around the doorknob, use metal polish on the door fixtures, and create a statement by placing ceramic planters on both sides of the door.

Solar Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are always pleasing to the eye and help creating a welcoming entryway. To cut the costs, you can use inexpensive solar lights in your back patio or front walkway. Besides adding curb appeal, lights will increase the safety of your home. Late evening barbeques will look nice if you stake some lights around the yard by the pool.

curb appeal evening house exterior

Curb appeal at evening is essential for safety and security.

Image via: Lynbrook of Annapolis, Inc.

Upgrade your Mailbox

In spite of having a regular mailbox by the road, adding a new one will make your home feel upgraded. The mailbox should mirror the home’s trimmings and reflect your personality. Surround the mailbox with a mini garden and match its painting to the color or the home’s exterior.

Self-Maintenance of Landscape

Save some cash while maintaining your landscape and lawn. Pruning, weeding, and other regular maintenances do not necessarily require a professional hand. You can get the job done by spending just 20 minutes on every other weekend. After preparing the landscape, border your front garden by placing natural rocks in a row. You will find them near creek beds.

curb appeal ideas for your backyard

Curb appeal ideas can work in your backyard too!

Image via: Southview Design

In fact, things like entry door makeover, lighting fixtures, front garden, edged driveway, upgraded mailbox, etc. function collectively to increase the aesthetic look of a home. Your home will lose appeal if they are dingy or out of date.

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