How to Create a Relaxing Seating Area for your Master Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the few rooms in your home that you can enjoy without having to answer to anyone about the decorative style or how you create a comfortable space for yourself. Master bedroom seating can help create a space to read, watch television, relax after a hard day or catch up with your spouse over a hot cup of coffee. Whether you choose a couch, individual chairs, a chaise lounge or just a bench at the foot of your bed, here are tips to help you create a relaxing seating area for you to enjoy.

bedroom bench seating bed

Use a bench seat in your bedroom

Image via: Erica George Dines 

Determine how much space you can dedicate to seating:

While most of us would love to have a couch, chaise loungers and a full seating area in our master bedrooms, this isn’t always feasible. Determine how much space you have to work within your room. A bay window or area adjacent to the main master bedroom area is ideal. If you don’t have this, a chair in a corner may suit your needs as well. For extra tight master bedrooms, consider doing away with one nightstand and replacing with a comfortable chair.

bedroom separate seating area

bedroom separate seating area

Image via: Christine Tuttle Interior Design

Assess your living style in your bedroom:

For many homeowners their bedroom can double as an area to look over the kids’ homework, or as a mini-office away from the main office in the other portion of the home. Assessing how you relax in your bedroom could be a challenge and often times just a chair in the corner can create a space you wouldn’t of used before. Try adding a bench or stool at the end of your bed to create a sitting area or place to put clothes while dressing in the morning. A separator half-wall between your sitting area and sleeping area is ideal for homeowners that have plenty of space and would like a clear and delineated area for both functions. Determine how you best use your bedroom and design seating around this.

bedroom seating window bench

A window seat can make use of a spare window without using floor space

Image via: Bosworth Hoedemaker 

Your bedroom should be a welcoming haven each evening and to wake up to in the morning. Choosing the right seating to carry out your daily relaxing and family lifestyle activities is essential. Use these tips to turn your boring bedroom that only housed a sleeping area into a destination that you love sitting in each day.