Top Lighting Trends

Lighting is like a piece of fine jewelry. It could really make or break your interior design! The most important thing to consider when you’re lighting your home is to design using multiple light sources. You could never do your home justice by placing one ceiling light / fan combo up in the middle of the room. The best interior lighting is a combination of diffused, accent, direct, and task lighting. You want to keep both day and night in mind and create a versatile lighting scheme that will suit your various moods. Here are a few modern lighting trends to consider.

1. White Crystal Chandeliers


White crystal chandeliers are versatile enough for an urban loft, a modern design home, or a ski chalet. Like the little black dress, white lighting can take on a different vibe depending on what surrounds it. You can go retro or modern with white lights and you can pair them with any wall color. “Elegance” is the first thing that comes to mind with this type of lighting.

2. Cozy Lamps

cozy lighting

The Luau Portable Pendant, designed by Duane Smith and Stefane Barbeau for Oxo, adds a cozy glow using dimmable LED lights. Best of all, there are no dangerous flames, no messy wires and no costly D batteries to worry about. You simply set the light on its recharge station as needed.

3. Ship Chandeliers

ship chandelier

Designers love the ship chandelier, which doubles as a piece of dazzling artwork in addition to its functionality.

4. Double Chandeliers

chandelier trends

Two chandeliers are better than one if you want the room to feel cozier, rather than sophisticated and stuffy.

5. Caviar Pendants

caviar lighting

“Caviar” lighting can be bunched together — which is often the case in the kitchen where you need a more concentrated burst of task lighting — or spread out — like in this living room — to add a more diffused glow. Either way, caviar lighting provides a unique design element in the home.

6. Recessed Lighting For Bedrooms

recessed lighting

Recessed lighting is still the sexiest way to light a bedroom. This type of fixture provides just enough ambient lighting to find your way around the room, without blinding you. Gradually get acclimated to the light first thing in the morning or relax and unwind at night with hidden recessed lights.

7. Track Lighting

track lighting

Track lighting may have first gained popularity in the 1970s, but it saw a resurgence during the 90s that carries on due to modern designers’ tasteful interpretations. Track lights remain a great way to brighten up a space with diffused light and highlight architectural features or design work.

8. Kitchen LEDs

kitchen LED


This kitchen makes excellent use of light by adding subtle LEDs beneath the kitchen cupboards to add light to the work-space area. Also, the LED lighting in the ceiling tray draws the eyes upwards and cheers the room with a comfortable glow that is not too overbearing.

 9. Colorful Mood Lighting In Entertainment Spaces

colorful interior lighting

Nightclub owners understand that colored lights create ambiance. High-end luxury design is using colored accent lighting to illuminate bars, home theaters, living rooms, hallways and other areas where guests congregate in the home.

10. Bathroom Wall Sconces

wall sconce

Bathrooms often make use of soft wall sconces to bathe the mirror and sink area in light, while adding a touch of class.