Amazing Designer Sinks

What’s the best way to get some extra style into the kitchen? Jazz up the most traditionally bland piece in your house: the sink.

The sink might be the most used and most unappreciated item in your house. Just think how often you use it but never give it a second thought. Instead, think of the sink as the highlight of your kitchen.

Look at these provocative and inspiring sinks. Would they work in your home?

This Manhatten dual-basin stainless sink from Oliver Sinks is a modern take on a classic design.

The Bali 150 granite sink has sharp square edges and a minimalist design that pairs well with stainless steel.

The Aquarium sink puts fish right underneath the washbasin. It’s not obvious how to feed the fish, but this sink makes a statement.

Corner sinks are the new rage in functional yet stylish kitchen design. This one is from BLANCO. shows us this unique bar-style sink. It’s cut right into the granite. This sink is great for entertaining.

eko designs’s unconventional take on the sink and island setup. It has everything, including the kitchen sink. This semi-professional kitchen setup includes a sink with a fully articulating faucet. The design also uses environmentally friendly granite and brushed aluminum. shows us this unconventional downward spiral sink.

Sink design like this gives you new food for thought on kitchen design.