10 Inspiring Outdoor Pools

Are you finally ready to have your own luxurious swimming pool?

Here are 10 of our favorite swimming pool designs to provide you with inspiration as you create your backyard oasis…

pool design

This lovely lap pool in Yucatán, Mexico was created using ancient Mayan hand tools!

cool pools

We’ve seen a lot of cool home swim-up bars, but this grotto pool by Caviness Landscape Design takes the cake!

invisible pool

“Transparent” pools are all the rage in Melbourne Australia, says Out of the Blue. You won’t believe your eyes!


swimming pool

Eco-friendly pools by KB Custom Pools reduce your footprint and bring you closer to nature.

backyard waterpark pool

Imagine if your neighbor had a backyard waterpark pool like this one! That’s the reality for this blogger.

swimming pool

What could be better than a pool, waterfall, firepit and hot tub all incorporated into your backyard oasis?!

lazy river pool

Anyone who has been to Disney will fall in-love with this lazy river pool in Nevada. (Fox News says it’s for SALE!)

pool lighting

Designer Scott Cohen understands that excellent pool design is all about lighting.

indoor outdoor pool

The wooden bridge you see lowers down to close this indoor/outdoor pool from the elements when necessary.

versace mansion pool You may not need to line your pool with 24K gold, but the Versace Mansion’s hand-painted mosaic tile is do-able.

PS. Check out NBC’s list of “Spectacular Swimming Pools” for more ideas!