Outdoor Shower Ideas

Outdoor Shower Ideas


Circular Outdoor Shower

Circular Outdoor Shower



Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Shower


Outdoor Shower simple

Outdoor Shower simple


Foyer chandelier

A foyer chandelier is probably one of the most important lighting fixture in your home. It’s one of the first things your visitors see when they enter your home. Due to the high cost of these large fixtures a foyer chandeliers are at times also an investment. When selecting a chandelier, you want to make sure that it will go with the changing times and your changing tastes. In order words try to pick a chandelier that is neutral enough to go with just about any decor or paint color you may choose. If you do decide to go bold, just keep in mind that you might have to change it when you decide to change your decor later on. Depending on your decor and style you can either go big and bold or light and subtle but regardless of which way you go, these chandeliers are sure to make a statement.

foyer chandelier 1


foyer chandelier 2 foyer chandelier 3 foyer chandelier 4 foyer chandelier 5

foyer chandelier 6 foyer chandelier 7

foyer chandelier 8



Japanese socking tubs

I must admit the first time I saw a Japanese socking tub I was not convinced. It looked like a tub that was cut in half. I remember thinking, “How can a tub in which you don’t stretch your legs in, truly be comfortable?” The first time I used one, I was sold! The benefits of socking in a bath go beyond relaxation. A Japanese socking tub is not just aesthetically pleasing to the eye but it allows you to fully submerge your entire body to assist in a deeper muscle relaxation and  toxin elimination. However, the best thing about a Japanese soaking tub is that it fits in smaller bathrooms where traditional tubs will not fit. Check out these gorgeous and cool tubs that will add function and beauty to any bathroom.


Japanese socking tub 9


Japanese socking tub 7


Japanese socking tub 6


Japanese socking tub 5 Japanese socking tub 4


Japanese socking tub 3


Japanese socking tub 2


Japanese socking tub 1

Bike racks for small spaces

Storing a bike rack in a small apartment or studio is not an easy thing to do. However with the right bike rack you can store your bike in even the smallest of places. When trying to use a bike rack in your small space the best thing to do is to utilize the space around you. For example, use the upper walls, back of doors or even the ceiling. When space is an issue you have to get creative and utilize every square inch of your home or room. Anything is possible with the right equipment and a little imagination. Oh and the right tools for instillation never hurt! One tip to keep in mind when you are building your bike rack… youtube is a blessing when trying to understand instructions that do not make sense. No matter the product you are bound to find a youtube video that illustrates how to put together your specific bike rack. Use these pictures below as an illustration of what is possible when trying to store your bike indoors.

bike storage 1


bike storage 2

bike storage 3


bike storage 4

bike storage 5

bike storage 6

bike storage 7

bike storage 8

bike storage 9


Amazing fish tanks

A fish tank is a great piece of furniture that goes with any decor or home. It adds warmth  and depending on what unique size or display piece you pick, it can be a great conversation starter. It use to be that a fish tank would sit on a base or table and look more like a list of endless chores of cleaning and maintenance then something to enjoy.  However, these days you can put a fish tank in a wall, table or even inside the floor. Check out what is possible with these amazing fish tanks.


fish tank 1


fish tank 2


fish tank 3

fish tank 5

fish tank 6

fish tank 7

fish tank 8