Modern Sinks by Antonio Lupi

Three modern bathroom sinks by Antonio Lupi. Visit Antonio Lupi’s website here.




Epic Treehotel (Treehouse) in Sweden

Treehotel is located an hour by car from Luleå (Kallax) in Sweden. They have 7 unique treehotels (treehouses) on their property overlooking the Lule River valley. You can tell from the photos below that the views are fantastic. These photos below are from the Mirrorcube treehouse. You can stay at the Mirrorcube for roughly $550 us but looks like the rates will be increasing soon. I dont know about you but I will have to add this treehouse as one of my top 10 places to visit. Read more about the Treehotel here.


mirrorcube treehouse

inside mirrorcube

beautiful treehotel in sweden

treehotel sweden

epic treehouse

All White Kitchens for the Kitchen lovers

All white kitchens are becoming one of the most hottest trends of this year. With crisp lines, clutter free look and clean feeling,  there’s no wonder this new look has everyone considering a new kitchen remodel. Although I must admit, white cabinets are beautiful but a pain to keep up. I have white cabinets and when they are clean they looks beautiful and classic. However, “when they are clean” is the key statement. If you do decide to convert your  kitchen to an all white design make sure you estimate the effort it will take to keep a white kitchen clean. If keeping your kitchen clean is something that is feasible to you, use the kitchen schemes below as ideas and inspiration for what is possible within your own kitchen.

modern white kitchens

simple white kitchens

elegant white kitchens

whitec ountry kitchen

beautiful white kitchen

white kitchen

Kitchens that are white


We’ve written articles about all kinds of cool and interesting furniture but this one is probably the most interesting article. You have seen real xmas trees fake xmas trees some made of metal or wood but never one that is made of antlers. Dan Macphail really turned the boring Christmas tree into something artistic and interesting. This would go great in a cabin style home. Check out the pictures and go visit Dan Macphail studios.

antler xmas tree

christmas antler tree

christmas tree antler

close up antler christmas tree

antler christmas tree


Beautiful Globe Lighting from Home Depot

Who thought Home Depot would have a beautiful modern hanging lighting? This white 1 light globe will really give your home a nice elegant look. It will come in various sizes. See more here.

Model # 6024-15

Beautiful Globe Lighting

Home Depot Globe Lighting

Home Depot Sea Gull Lighting

Sea Gull Lighting Hanging Glove Home Depot